Not only Hachiko


If a fidelity world championship were announced on Earth, dogs would definitely win all the gold medals. The dog's devotion to man is proverbial, and there are many examples of how wonderful dogs stay with their owners even when their people die. Hachiko, an Akita Inu dog, met his owner, Professor Hidesaburo Ueno, every day at the Shibuya railway station. And even when the professor did not return, the dog remained at his post for another nine years, until his own death.

The story of Hachiko is the most famous, but far from the only one. Take Rassap, a 14-year-old Border Collie from British Wales, for example. Together with his master, Graeme Nuttall, he often went hiking on the Burnley hillside. One of these campaigns ended tragically: Graham died. His body was found only 11 weeks later, and the faithful dog was nearby all this time, guarding the peace of his man. After that Rassap fell ill and soon died after Graham.

In 2011, Brazil suffered a severe flood that took hundreds of lives. The family of Cristina Maria Cesario Santana also died. Only Cristina's beloved dog Leao was the only to survive - it was he who helped the rescuers to find the bodies of his owners. And even after the funeral, the dog did not want to leave the place of their last shelter, until a few weeks later he was rescued by animal rights activists. Noble feelings, right? No wonder, because Leao means Lion in Portuguese.

Another dog, whose history almost exactly repeats the feat of Hachiko, lived in Italy during the Second World War. His name was Fido - Faithful. This nickname was given to the dog by a brick factory worker Carlo Soriani from the town of Borgo San Lorenzo when he found the injured dog on the side of the road. The name turned out to be prophetic. Fido accompanied Carlo to the bus station every morning and met him there every evening. One day the owner did not return: there was shelling at the plant, and Soriani died. But the dog did not believe that the owner died: he continued to go to the bus station for another 14 long years... At the central square of the town, a monument was erected to Fido when he was still alive.

Four decades later, a similar story repeated in Spain. This time the dog was waiting for his man not from work, but from a medical clinic. Canelo - that was the name of the dog - daily accompanied the elderly owner to the dialysis procedure. And since dogs are not allowed in medical institutions, he just sat and patiently waited at the door. But one sad day, the door did not open: the man became ill, and doctors could not save him. What did Canelo do? He waited. I just sat and waited, for 12 years. Twelve! He could unlikely survive, but every day local people brought food and fresh water to the doors of the hospital. And after the dog died, a nearby alley was named after him and a memorial plaque was erected.

The German Shepherd Captain also spent 12 years at the place of his owner's last shelter. Such a nickname was given to the dog by his man, Miguel from Argentine, for beauty and noble manners. During their lives, the owner and the dog were the best friends and did not part even when Miguel died. It is also worth noting that Captain found the way to the cemetery without any help - himself.

An East European Shepherd named Palma also spent years to wait for her owner, although this story had a slightly different beginning and a completely different end. The fact is that Palma's owner did not die - he just flew away. To be fair, he wanted to take the dog with him, but the dog was not allowed on board. And the man simply left his faithful friend at the Vnukovo airport, where Palma spent the next two years. She settled right at the runway and met every Il-18. It's hard to believe, but the dog ignored all other aircraft. Many people tried to shelter Palma, but she stubbornly refused to leave the airport. The story has a happy end: after journalist Yuri Rost wrote about the amazing dog in The Komsomolskaya Pravda, Palma was finally “adopted”. This story formed the basis for a touching film with the handsome Viktor Dobronravov in one of the main roles. The film is called “Palma”.

Do you know any other stories of dog loyalty?

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