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Road users of Yekaterinburg can often observe an amazing picture: a red motorcycle is racing along the road, in whose sidecar an important passenger is sitting - a mongrel in a real motorcycle...
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Do you like movies? We will not ask if you like dogs, this goes without question. Therefore, let's simply ask: do you like movies about dogs? We suggest remembering (or maybe not remembering, but...
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Everyone knows that dogs can run fast. Very fast: the average speed that dogs can achieve is 10-15 km/h. However, some breeds are able to pick up speed not just quickly, but very, very quickly -...
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Dog Stance
Jul. 23, 2021
An Australian Shepherd named Secret has its secret of being in a good shape and in a great mood, and the secret is that it is a yoga dog. Do you not believe that such ones exist? They do. For...
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