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This service is intended for preparation, organisation of dog shows and also for automation of constantly acting animals' rating composition.

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You Never Dreamt...
Sep. 12, 2022
Why do dogs sleep so much, although they are not cats? All these incredible poses of sleeping dogs, shuddering and twitching limbs – is this a reason to be touched or worried? And in general, are...
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Have you recently got married or are you just living together but not ready to become parents yet? But why? Are you afraid to bear such responsibility? Don't you know how to properly manage your...
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It's time for summer vacations. Have you already managed to go to the sea or are you just looking forward to the main trip of this summer? Or are you one of those who find the best rest in the...
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A Dog for Everyone!
Jul. 29, 2022
But only for those who really love animals - like, for example, Anna Shcherbakova, an Olympic champion. The famous figure skater wad recently invited to a charity exhibition, which was called "A...
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