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This service is intended for preparation, organisation of dog shows and also for automation of constantly acting animals' rating composition.

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Not only Hachiko
May. 12, 2023
If a fidelity world championship were announced on Earth, dogs would definitely win all the gold medals. The dog's devotion to man is proverbial, and there are many examples of how wonderful dogs...
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Children and dogs are the best actors. This was said by the legendary Charlie Chaplin while making A Dog's Life. Indeed, dogs are incredibly sincere and organic on the screen. It is simply...
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Moscow Watchdogs
Apr. 4, 2023
There is such a wonderful dog breed - the Moscow watchdog, which, as you know, was created in the USSR about 70 years ago. These dogs are beautiful, but today we will speak not about them. We will...
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Dog Photography Awards is a worldwide competition of professional and amateur photographers dedicated to dogs. It was invented by Audrey Bello and Claudio Piccoli, photographers and dog breeders....
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