Four-legged Babysitter


Children and dogs – you will not see anything nicer not only today, but for a long, long time. Photos of babies and dogs communicating with each other always cause a lot of positive emotions. And a lot of questions like: "Won't the dog bite?" No, it won't. Because the list of dog virtues, along with loyalty and fidelity, includes boundless patience. Dogs understand: human babies need care, because they are so small and defenseless, and the world is so huge and dangerous. By the way, absolutely all dogs show these qualities, regardless of their size, age and breed. They really tolerate the endless antics of young tomboys – just because they love them.

We have collected some lovely photos for you that clearly demonstrate that each dog is the best babysitter in the world.

"What, Buddy, let's play doctor? Come on, say aah! And show me your tongue..."

"Smile, dog, we are being filmed by a hidden camera!"

"Everyone to sleep! Why don't you want to? For some reason, when I don't want to sleep, no one asks me!"

"Wash up after meals? Well, nooo, I don't want to, I won't!"

"Why are you so sad? Do your teeth hurt? And how is it – teeth hurt? I don't know, I don't have my own yet..."

"Read, please, read! Ask Mom? I has already asked, but she is always busy."

"Who said labradors are scary? Not scary at all"

"Kiss me, then I'll kiss you, then we'll kiss each other..."

Of course, each photo has its own separate story, but in fact, in reality it will not necessarily coincide with what we have written here. But the point is that dogs are so kind, loyal and infinitely patient creatures that they can easily be entrusted with a small child. They are the best educators in the world, and if your baby has such a four–legged babysitter, your family is definitely lucky!

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