Dangerous Beauty


– How will it end? – April will come.
– April will come, are you sure? – Yes, I'm sure.
I have already heard, and checked this:

birds were singing in the grove today…

(a poem by Yuri Levitansky)

Of course, spring is a little late this year. But it will definitely come, it always does – so the poet Yuri Levitansky is absolutely sure that all will certainly end with the April sun and warmth. So walks in a spring forest and trips to the country are just around the corner – of course, in the company of your favorite dog. Undoubtedly, all this is wonderful, but in the spring, both in the forest and in the country, dogs are in danger, which many do not even think about, especially novice dog owners. Because spring means flowers. Despite all their beauty, they can really bring harm to the dog, sometimes even irreparable one. We will tell you what kind of beauty you and your pet should stay away from.


These bright beauties greatly delight us after the winter cold and monochrome landscapes. Unfortunately, dogs like them as well: dogs can gnaw juicy stems, or even dig an onion out of the ground and gnaw it too. If these flowers grow on your land plot, make sure that the dog can not get to them, because tulips, especially onions, are a real poison. Moreover, even the water in which the tulips stood is dangerous: if the dog accidentally drinks it, it may develop vomiting, diarrhea and salivation.


Vomiting, salivation, and in the most severe cases, even a violation of the heart rhythm – such sad consequences are threatened to the dog by communication with these delicate and elegant flowers. Moreover, the whole flower is dangerous:petals, stems, and onions. No need to choose whom you love more, daffodils or your dog. Just plant these flowers where the dog can't get to.


These cute flowers are considered a symbol of spring, because they are the first to appear on the sun-warmed thaws. They are admirable. But if humans are able to express admiration with words, the dog can show its delight in another way – just by chewing the plant. But alas – the flowers themselves, and especially onions are poisonous for dogs. Vomiting, diarrhea and other, frankly speaking, unpleasant consequences – that's what awaits the dog who decides to eat this plant. Therefore, while walking in the forest, be careful: is there a family of tender snowdrops lurking somewhere.


Another cute but dangerous flower that is filled with poison from the root to the tips of the petals. Moreover, because of the short stem, they grow almost at the surface of the ground, so the dog can crumble an appetizing flower so that you will not notice it. Therefore, it is better for you and your dog to bypass the places of bluebell blooming.


Crocus or colchicum is a real "anti-champion" in terms of danger to dogs. This flower is not just harmful; it is simply deadly, because it can cause a failure of all vital organs. Unless you help the dog in time, but our dogs are sometimes faster than lightning… If your pet shows interest in these plants, immediately pull it away from them.

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