Don't Shout at the Dog, They Do not Like It


What do our best four-legged friends not like? We have compiled the Top 9 situations that can cause a negative reaction of your pet.

1. A stranger is trying to pet the dog. Some people think that dogs love to be stroked on the head. This is not true! More precisely, not true for many dogs. Of course, animals are different, but mostly, they will regard an attempt to touch their head, and even more so their muzzle, as an invasion of their privacy. And while the owner and members of his/her family can be forgiven for this, for strangers, it is better not to do so. Even if the dog allows such behavior, it is only because it recognizes the person as the main one, and not at all because it likes this.

2. Gazing. “Man, you intently look into my eyes for a long time - why? Do you want to dominate or are you going to be aggressive? Do not do that!" The dog could describe such a situation in such or a similar way. The dog definitely does not like such gazing, and its reaction can vary: it can simply look away, or can attack. Don't take risks!

3. Violations of accepted rules. Any dog is an intelligent creature, and it is ready to follow the rules set by its owner. But only if the owner himself observes these rules. For example, the dog will not like if you go for a walk with it early on weekdays, but suddenly decide to sleep until dinner on the weekend. The dog's body does not tolerate such anarchy, so expect a puddle in the middle of your favorite carpet. Well, or another situation: why is it possible to joyfully jump on the owner and hug her if she is in a street jacket and jeans, but if she puts on pantyhose, you immediately hear “Stop”? The dog doesn't understand. And it’s easier for the dog when everything is on schedule in its life.

4. Too short walks. We, people, are always in a hurry, and therefore we believe that going for a walk with a dog is only for the pet to satisfy its natural needs. Because we do not sit on the toilet for hours! But for a dog, a walk is something more: it is both an opportunity to frolic, and a chance to look at the world, to be filled with sounds and smells, because animals also need impressions. Or maybe, if you're lucky, you'll even meet that cute dachshund... Therefore, all our attempts to rush the dog with its "affairs" will only turn the opposite: the dog will not hurry to raise its paw at all. It knows that as soon as the “affairs” are done, it will be immediately taken home.

5. When you pull on the leash. Would you like to be pulled on your scarf every now and then? I bet you will react something like this: “Are you crazy? Do you want to strangulate me?!" And the dog's leash is also on the throat, and it is afraid that it will be strangled. The dog will respond to such disgrace with unreasonable barking, and maybe even manifestations of aggression. The solution is simple: walk on a weak leash - this way you will let the dog know that you trust it and are not going to severely restrict its freedom, therefore, it has nothing to worry about and there is no need to bark.

6. Silly outfits. Of course, there are dog breeds that cannot do without clothes during the cold season, since their coat is not thick or completely absent. But even in this case, it is better to do with functional and simple clothes. All these little things and bows look touching only for humans, and the dog does not like to look like a clown at all.

7. Strong smells. “Smell like the dog's one” is an almost legendary phrase. Everyone knows that our pets are able to distinguish up to a million different smells. But the sense of smell is a “tool” that must be protected, and strong smells can dull it and even cause disorders of the nervous system. Try to protect your pet from this trouble.

8. Attempts to tease. No extra words are needed here: a dog is an animal with self-esteem, and all sorts of antics and teasing offend it. Do not do that. Just don't ever.

9. Scream. Raising your voice at a dog is a manifestation of aggression or a desire to punish it for something. Are you sure it's ready to accept it? It doesn’t work like that, believe me, but a calm tone works. Even if your pet has done something wrong, just talk to the dog in a stern voice, but in no case shout. The dog perfectly understands who is in charge here.

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