Follow Your Dreams


Jessica Paulsen and Henry the dog have been inseparable for five years. In fact, Henry is "on duty" and serves the woman, because he is a service dog. He helps Jess cope with her serious illness - postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. Briefly, the disease can be described as follows: when Paulsen stands up quickly, her heart rate “jumps” up so sharply that it causes dizziness, nausea, weakness, blurred vision and even problems with thinking - in a word, a lot of unpleasant and dangerous symptoms up to fainting. That's where the service dog comes: Henry helps with deep pressotherapy using his body weight, to raise Jessica's blood pressure. This reduces the syncope duration and nausea bouts. And the dog can quickly find her husband and call for help.

In a word, no normal life is possible for Jess without her faithful assistant. No wonder that from the very first day of Henry's stay in the Paulsen's house, these two became best friends. They don't just spend all the time together - they also travel! For example, to Disneyland adored by the dog and the woman.

During one of her visits to this wonderful place, Jessica arranged a great photo shoot for her dear Henry!

They took pictures with Kevin from the Up cartoon, in front of Cinderella's castle and with a flashlight from the Tangled cartoon. Disneyland has a lot of cool places and interesting characters!

The dog liked this idea so much that he willingly posed in a fancy suit, causing approving smiles of park visitors.

“It may sound silly, but this journey reminds me of why it is so important to follow your dreams. Thanks to Henry, I regained those dreams that I thought were lost due to my illness, ” Jess Paulsen said.

Is it possible to argue with this? Dogs really do make our world a better place...

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