How to Become a Movie Star?


The answer is simple: to be born a dog! No wonder people say that animals (and especially dogs) and children are the best movie actors: it is simply impossible to outplay them, and all because they look incredibly charismatic, sincere and charming on the scene. And, in life, as well.

We have collected the Top 10 dog breeds, the representatives of which most often became heroes of movies and series. So who's in the first place?

German Shepherd! The "track record" of this breed is impressive: 562 films and television works. Five hundred and sixty-two, just imagine! And that's twice as many as any other breed. What are the first films we recall? Well, for example, the series about K-9 and the magnificent drama I Am Legend (we already wrote about it, by the way).

The silver medal goes to...

Bulldog! Without exaggeration, this is a star breed. 284 movie and TV roles, seriously! By the way, this list includes not only real bulldogs, but also drawn ones - just recall that perhaps the most famous movie bulldog is... Of course, this is the legendary Spike from the cartoons about Tom and Jerry. So pretty!

The third place of our "hit parade" goes to -

Poodle. "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "April in Paris" and "The Manchurian Candidate" plus 206 more roles played thanks to the innate charisma and charming appearance.

The fourth place goes to the action star

Doberman Pinscher! These dogs have played 176 roles on the big and small scenes. To name just a few of them: "Father of the Bride", "Hugo", "The Invisible Man" and "True Lies".

The top five is rounded out by

Chihuahua. This tiny dog is a big movie star! 167 roles in movies, with the most iconic roles in the movies "Legally Blonde", TV series "Beverly Hills Babe" and "Ren and Stimpy".

The sixth place goes to

Rottweiler. 153 roles is also a very solid result. True that Rottweilers do not always play positive movie characters. Do you also remember the creepy lead role in the horror movie "The Omen"?

Seven is a lucky number and this place belongs to

Great Dane. Scooby-Doo! As you understand, we simply could not but remember this mega-popular hero, and in general, Great Danes have appeared on the scene as many as 149 times.

The eighth place goes to the wonderful

Golden Retriever. 146 actor's works, including the TV series "The Way Home", "A Dog's Purpose", and even a "personal" movies called "The Retrievers".

The honorable ninth place goes to sweetheart

Dachshund. Lively, charming, and truly artistic, this breed has been busy in 126 dog roles. These actors are so good that directors do not deny themselves the pleasure of using not a single dachshund in one movie, but two at once. These are, for example, Slinky and Buster from the hugely successful "Toy Story" film series.

And, finally, the magnificent top ten is closed b7

St. Bernard. Well, of course! How could this rating do without Beethoven - that's the real success! In general, the St. Bernards starred in 108 major roles, including movies such as "The Call of the Wild", "Cujo" and "The Dark Tower".

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