About Dogs with Love


Hundreds of books, thousands of lines and millions of words are dedicated to them, our beloved dogs. Both celebrities and little-known people, stars and simply lovers of the most faithful animals on earth, talk and write about them. Fame and status of the authors of these lines are just secondary; what is important is love, inherent in every single word. It is unreal to collect all these quotes on one page, so we present only a few of them, but those that amazed us with their accuracy, beauty, sincerity and simply touched our souls. Let's flip through these pages of love together!

“When a man gets a dog, together with the dog he receives a red autumn forest, a foggy courtyard in the morning, a frosty moon above the roofs, a glade of dandelions... A man gets a dog, and the world becomes bigger! Because the man takes the dog on a leash, gets out of the box, and the world opens up to meet him"./ Anna Voronova "Moonlight tango"

“A dog doesn't need expensive cars, big houses or designer clothes. A stick thrown into the water will suffice. The dog doesn't care if you are poor or rich, smart or stupid, witty or boring. Give it your heart and it will give its. Can many people be described like this?" / John Grogan "Marley and Me"

“The only, the most generous friend of a man in this selfish world, a friend who will never leave the man, who is never ungrateful and will not betray the man, is the dog. The dog will stay next to the man in wealth and poverty, in health and illness. It will sleep on the cold ground, where the winter winds are blowing and the snow is fiercely sweeping, just to be close to the man. The dog will kiss your hand, even if this hand cannot give it food; it will lick wounds and scratches - the result of collisions with the cruelty of the surrounding world. The dog guards the sleep of its beggar owner as zealously as if he were a prince. / Dean Koontz"Guardian Angels"

“Love is easy to define, but rarely arises in our existence. Thanks to the dogs, we pay tribute to love - it's very possibility. What is a dog if not a device for love? It is given a man and is given the mission of loving him; and no matter how vile, lopsided or stupid he is, the dog loves him. This feature caused such amazement and shock among human beings of the previous ages that most of them - as evidenced by most of the materials - finally began to reciprocate the dog. Thus, the dog was a device for love with a learning effect... ”/ Michel Houellebecq "The Possibility of an Island"

They talk about dogs not only in prose, they write poetry about them. For example, there are the piercing lines by Robert Rozhdestvensky...

And one more poem - by the great actor Valentin Gaft, who recently left us.

And we will conclude this article with a short, but amazingly accurate phrase by Sergey Lukyanenko: "Dogs are like people, only even better".

We agree. And you?
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