Truth or Lie? 5 Myths about Traveling with Dogs


"A car is not a luxury, but..." As you know, the writers Ilf and Petrov continued this famous phrase like this: "...a means of transportation". How would your dog continue it? It is known that the relationships between our four-legged friends and our four-wheeled friends are sometimes difficult, and travelling with a dog in a car is associated with some myths. Let's try to find out where is the truth and where is the lie.

The first myth. If your dog is about to travel for the first time in its life and cannot be lured into the car in any way - do not hesitate, push it there by force. It will be much easier next time.

It's a lie. Violence can scare your pet so much that the dog will never enter the car voluntarily at all. It will resist with all its might and bark desperately, and if you act with harsh methods, expect a stream of saliva, shortness of breath and even nausea. Stress in its purest form - is that what you want for your pet?

The second myth. It is better to transport a dog in a car by a fully open window to make it easier for the dog to breathe.

Another lie. Yes, the internet is full of pictures of dogs happily sticking their heads out the car windows, but in reality it is extremely dangerous. First, the dog may become interested in something along the way and jump out of the window. In such a case, it can easily get under the wheels of your own or someone else's car, or simply suffocate having a leash strained on its neck. You can open the window just a little bit, the air conditioner will perfectly cope with the supply of fresh air, and the dog can also watch the road through the glass.

The third myth. It is more comfortable for a dog to sit in the car freely, without any fixation with a leash on the seat, and a pet carrier is for cats.

A myth means a myth, that is it is not true. The dog MUST be securely fixed in its "passenger" seat in order to avoid troubles (and even injuries) during sudden braking or on a sharp turn. If, God forbid, an accident happens, an unattached dog can easily run away from the scene and it is highly doubtful that you will be able to find it later.

The fifth myth. A dog on the driver's lap is cute, pleasant, and most importantly, safe.

No! This "cute" habit is, as a rule, characteristic of girls - owners of small dogs. And it is very dangerous! A sharp movement of the dog, sudden barking, and the beautiful driver involuntarily presses the brake or makes a maneuver unexpected for herself and the cars around her. An accident can easily happen...

The fifth myth. If you need to go somewhere for a short time, feel free to leave the dog in a closed car. It will calmly endure a short loneliness.

In no case, it is dangerous not only for the health, but even for the life of the dog! It is especially dangerous to leave the animal in a tightly closed car in summer, in extreme heat. The own temperature of a healthy dog is 37.5-39°, but in such conditions it can jump up to 40-41°. This is a heatstroke from which the dog cannot recover. Never leave it in a locked car, but rather take it with you.

Several life hacks to help you and your dog travel more comfortably

• It is better to put a dog in a car when the ignition is off: for its sensitive sense of smell, the smell of gasoline is simply unbearable.

• Tell the dog that you are going where it likes: to the dacha, to the forest, to hunt, to the park where other dogs walk... Dogs are intelligent animals, and it will be easier for them to endure discomfort if they know that it will end with pleasant emotions. Just never deceive the dog!

• It is better to start with short trips, so the dog will get used to the need to go by car easier and faster.

• Take your favorite treats and toys with you and be sure to monitor your pet's condition.

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