Dog Stance


An Australian Shepherd named Secret has its secret of being in a good shape and in a great mood, and the secret is that it is a yoga dog. Do you not believe that such ones exist? They do. For example, this cute black and white dog from Washington, USA actually does yoga every day.

He does this together with his owner, a young girl named Mary. And Mary uploads photos and videos of her classes on her Instagram. “It's amazing how dogs can understand people if they are trained positively,” she writes. Secret is already able to do a lot of things, but she is best in the famous stance (asana) called the “downward dog”. And if you still do not know how such an asana is performed in reality, this video will help you to see everything in detail.

Sometimes the dog even works out with dumbbells!

By the way, Mary and her Secret are not the first and not the only couple in the world who practice yoga together. A special term has long been created for this practice - doga. Moreover, this is already a real trend! An actress and at the same time yoga coach Susie Teitelman is considered to be the author of the idea. It was she who did not want to part with her puppy during the next training, and her dog liked it. Suzie too, because it is much more fun to work with your pet. Joint training strengthens the friendship between the girl and the dog.

As fans of doga day, the most important thing is not to force the pet and involve it in the training process only if it shows interest. And then the dog stance will be done in the best way - downward, or upward - which means that your life with the pet will be filled with beauty and harmony...

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