It Is Hot! How Can I Help my Pet?


This summer started with high temperatures: thermometers in our cities overcame +30 and seemed to be competing: well, let's get higher? In such heat it is hard not only for people, but also for animals. How can we help them? If you spend the summer in the countryside, swimming in a pond will be not only a pleasure for the dog, but also a real salvation. But what about those who stay in the city in such heat? We have collected some cool ideas for you that will make yours and your pet's life easier.

Spray leash. It will wet the dog with cool water at regular intervals. Only one thing is required of you: before leaving the house, do not forget to pour water into a special tank. However, approximately the same effect can be achieved with a conventional spray bottle.

Sunshade. Looks pretty elegant, doesn't it? In addition, the gadget is very functional: it folds easily, is sold together with a built-in leash and can protect not only from the sun, but also from rain and even a blizzard.

Bandana. Believe it or not, bandanas are sometimes... innovative. Just wet it with water and put it around the dog's neck. The fabric is cooled by the unique weave structure of the fibers that create capillary networks. Sounds solid, right?

Drinking bottle. Two in one! Convenient, functional and very useful thing. The main thing is not to forget to take it with you for a walk, and finding water will not cause any problems: you are walking not in the desert. Just buy regular still water - and voila!

Cooling mat (mattress). It maintains a temperature 7 degrees lower than the pet's own body temperature. Lightweight, durable, waterproof and does not need to be frozen before use. The dog will feel comfortable and will not catch a cold. And cats, as well, by the way.

Collar made of synthetic material with cells filled with cooling gel. The cooling effect occurs upon contact with the dog's body, therefore it does not require additional cooling. As a rule, it comes in bright colors, so the dog can be seen from afar. This is an additional advantage.

Blanket harness. This is, perhaps, even more convenient and comfortable: just wet the "vest" with water and put it on the dog. As the water evaporates, it will create a cool effect. Breathable lining, bright reflective elements, a ring for a leash, a zipper that helps the blanket to be easily put on and adjusted to the size of the dog.

Of course, no one canceled the good old fan, but it’s much nicer to feel like a modern, advanced dog, right? Oh, a modern advanced dog owner... Well, in general, you've got the idea. Enjoy your walks in any weather.

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