Serial Dogs


Do you like watching TV series? Most likely, you will answer positively, because more and more people, including very serious and even famous ones, have confessed their love for TV series in recent years. Would you like to spend an evening watching the next episode? Then we have a small review for you, but fans of the Game of Thrones, the Crown or even Friends cannot worry: we will be talking about TV series dedicated to dogs!

So, the first of them is called “Dogs”. It was released in 2018. This is the work of the now mega-popular Netflix company, and this series is most valuable because it is documentary. Its heroes are dogs from all over the world, from the Middle East to Central America. The creators of this work wanted to share the beautiful idea that “dogs are mirrors in which you can see yourself” and become more human. Actually, this series has only one drawback: it is very short - only six episodes.

Let's move on from a serious topic to an easy genre! The comedy called "Dog with a Blog" is not new (2012-2015), but light and fun. The main character, a mongrel named Stan, can speak. “It is not surprising,” you say, “there are films about talking dogs!” Yes, but Stan not only knows the human language, but also... maintains his blog on the Internet. What (who) is this blog about? Of course, about people - with irony and even sarcasm. But one day the secret of the dog blogger becomes known to the two-legged...

And now a finding for those who love... no, not hotter, but longer! As many as eleven seasons are waiting for movie and dogs lovers who decided to watch the series "Fraser", 1993-2004. This is also a comedy recognized as a model one, which is confirmed by the legendary film awards "Emmy" and "Golden Globe". The core of the plot is the story of a psychiatrist Fraser Crane, who returns to his hometown after a difficult divorce. To free his head and heart from painful memories, Fraser decides to completely change his life to become a radio host. What happened later? We will not upset you with spoilers, just tell that it's not so much a change of profession that helps Fraser to cope with his problems, but... well, of course, a dog, otherwise what is this series doing in our review? The dog's name is Eddie, and it is simply impossible not to fall in love with him, and why - well... no spoilers...

Another Fraser, but a different one is the main hero of the TV series Due South, filmed in 1994-1999. Benton Fraser is a constable of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who now and then valiantly unravels various convoluted crimes - a new one in each episode. And this would probably be not so easy, if not the second main hero - the tame half-wolf Diefenbaker. Guess what breed of dog starred in this role? Well, of course, a husky, because they are the ones who often play wolves in movies. Beautiful nature, a magnificent dog (a wolf) and an extremely exciting plot - everything we love.

Talking about series, we simply had no right not to remember it! Of course, this is the legendary Kommissar Rex, a rather old movie (1994-2004), but endlessly beloved by more than one generation of moviegoers. German Shepherd Rex is a brave and irreplaceable criminal police officer in Vienna and a real threat of the underworld. He really is not afraid of anything except a thunderstorm, and he cannot be bribed. Well, maybe with s sausage... But this is not corruption, is it?

A man and a dog cannot live without each other, which is confirmed by a relatively new (2017) series Downward Dog. Martin the dog and his owner named Nan are fond of each other, but one day bad luck comes in the girl's life: she breaks up with her boyfriend. Nan's yearning for her boyfriend drowns in work, and Martin begins to feel lonely and abandoned. You and I have an opportunity to learn what it is - to think and feel like a dog. And behave like a dog...

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