This beautiful dog died six years ago, but he still remains in the memory of dog lovers all over the world - it was an outstanding dog! He had a corresponding nickname - Zeus, the ruler of people and animals.

German mastiff Zeus entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2013 as the tallest dog that ever lived. His height at the withers was 111.8 cm! This is if measured, so to speak, in a calm state. If the dog suddenly felt the urge to stand on its hind legs, he instantly "grew" up to 2 meters 24 centimeters - he even could play basketball!

Zeus also weighed a lot - 70 kg. And he lived in the town of Otego in Michigan, USA. The dog's owner Denis Dorlag said that she often heard questions like: "Is it a dog or a horse?" Next to this giant, even adults really seem like teenagers. In this regard, the answer to the question "Who is the boss in the house?" is unambiguous. Well, of course, the dog! Only furniture is inadequate...

The daily diet of the giant mastiff consisted of 14 kilograms of dog food. Some people don't eat that much in a week, by the way.

Despite his colossal size, Zeus was a kind, affectionate and playful dog. Although it was sometimes difficult to play with him, because the jumping gigantic joy can easily turn into rather big injuries. After all, any dog looks just like a toy in comparison with Zeus.

Unfortunately, Zeus did not live long - only five years and left us for the rainbow in 2014. Of course, he was not the only huge dog in the world. For example, he took up the "baton of greatness" from George - another German mastiff of silver color. Pretty impressive, was not he?

Before George, the marbled Danish mastiff Gibson was considered the largest dog in the world: 108 cm at the withers, 213 cm standing on its hind legs. Gibson was his owner Sandy Hall's dream. The breeder had been breeding German mastiffs for several decades and dreamed of raising the tallest dog in the world. And it came true!

And there is another record holder, also from the United States, and also a mastiff. This is Nova, known for the fact that with her gigantic height... she was afraid of barking of small dogs and behaved like a puppy: she ran around the house, galloped and stole sweets from the table. But she was an excellent nanny for the little son of her owner.

These are the dogs: big, but very, very kind...

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