It Is no Longer Scary to Have your Teeth Attended!


A visit to a dentist is always stressful: there are just few people in the world who would not be afraid to have their teeth attended. This is typical for all countries and continents, but not for the town of Zanesville, Ohio, USA. The thing is that an amazing "dentist" works in one of the dental clinics in this town. This is a dog. Almost like in the old Czech cartoon about Rex, do you remember?

A labradoodle dog named Dwight comes to the clinic several times a week with his "mom", who works there as a doctor. And he got to this clinic not because of his acquaintances: from the age of 12 weeks, Dwight was trained as a therapy dog, and then the dog underwent additional training in a training center and a dental office.

"Colleagues" of the dentist dog say that he is literally created for this job: he is kind, affectionate, loves people very much and is always ready to help. This is what he actually does: he helps visitors of the clinic to cope with anxiety and fear of the dentist's chair.

Clients say that the dog's presence has a calming effect on them. During the procedures, Dwight does not leave the patient, and if he behaves restlessly, he "holds" his hand or even lies down next to him on the couch.

The dentist dog works not for free. Of course, his work is rewarded not with dollars, but with snacks that he gets at the end of each working day.

Would you like to have your teeth attended in a clinic where there is such an "employee"?

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