The Most Charming and Attractive


As well as charismatic, artistic and extremely popular.

and a real blogger. And it's all about a wonderful bulldog named Caramelka that has her own Instagram with 2.2 million subscribers. Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo has a little more subscribers (almost 270 million), and Olga Buzova is still ahead of our Caramelka with her 23.3 million subscribers. But the game is not over! Once upon a time it all started with this photo:

And the blogger dog has already achieved very serious results since then: in 2019, for example, she was nominated for the prestigious American People's Choice Awards in the Animal Star category - by the way, the only one from Russia. Just think, international recognition...

Even if Caramelka were not an Instagram star, her story would deserve to be known to as many people around the world as possible. She has a very bright and rich biography: for example, being a puppy, at the age of two months, the little beauty made a very long flight. From Kursk, where she was born, she flew to Primorye, as is customary, in the luggage compartment. Quite a baby... Tatyana Opalatenko, the dog's owner, says that she was very worried, after all, this was very far away. But everything went well.

But now Caramelka is known all over the world. "Bulldog Blogger. I like to eat tightly and sleep soundly. My dream is to lose weight”, her profile in the popular social network reads. And there are a lot of photos, from which it follows that this dog is really modest: in fact, she is a very many-sided dog! For example, the sweetest blogger is on winter fishing,

in the guise of a brave pirate,

or the famous detective Hercule Poirot,

or even Darth Vader.

Judging by the photographs, our heroine is literally a jack of all trades: she also knows how to cook,

and repair cars,

and dig up snowdrifts,

and skateboard.

In general, as a famous character of a famous cartoon used to say: “Just think! I can also embroider, and stitch as well... "

An excellent "doggy" answer to bloggers-politicians, coaches and other mega-super-superstars, isn't it?
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