Dogs in Cinema 2020: Movies You Might Have Missed


No matter how much the recently ended 2020 was scolded, no matter how much it was called the worst one in history, it was not only about viruses, lockdowns and disappointments. There was also something good! For example, some great movies about our beloved dogs. Let's talk about them right now - what if you missed them?

The Call of the Wild, USA

This is a well-known story of the "gold rush" times, told by Jack London - most likely, you remember the book with such a title. A dog named Buck, who lives happily in his native California, suddenly finds himself torn out of his usual habitat: he is stolen and transported to Alaska to make him a sled dog. As you know, it is cold and scary in Alaska, and pulling a sleigh is not an easy job. But Buck will cope with all the trials and become a real leader. One of the "human" roles is played by the famous Harrison Ford (if you have forgotten who he is, then surely remember Indiana Jones and Han Solo). But the main four-legged hero, like other animals, was created using computer graphics. Not everyone liked it, but that was the director's idea. One way or another, The Call of the Wild is a movie, watching which you can spend a pleasant family evening.

Lassie - Eine abenteuerliche Reise, Germany

Another story known not only to today's children, but also to their parents, grandmothers, and even, perhaps, great-grandmothers: the first cinematization of Eric Knight's book was released in 1943. Since then, every generation has had its own legend about Lassie, and it is always a story of friendship and loyalty. The plot of the 2020 remake is as follows: 12-year-old Florian and his faithful collie Lassie live happily in a German village. But one day the boy's father loses his job, and the family is forced to move to another house, where no dogs are allowed. Inseparable friends have to part, and Lassie has a new owner - Count von Sprengel, who takes her to distant lands along with her wayward granddaughter Priscilla. Lassie, unable to live in separation, runs away at the first opportunity and sets off on the long journey home. By the way, Lassie is played not by a computer dog, but a real collie - still, it's a legend.

Mr.Zoo: the Missing VIP, South Korea

“When you begin to understand what animals say, the world turns upside down,” - this is the slogan of this South Korean movie, which is filmed either as a comedy, or as an action movie, or as a fantasy. Plot: an intelligence agent is at first distressed with the task of guarding, and then looking for the kidnapped panda, because he does not really like animals. However, due to various circumstances, detective Joo unexpectedly acquires a superpower - he begins to understand the language of animals. And then it turns out that neither the detective himself, nor people in general can do without the help of the "animal team"! You ask, where is the dog, if the movie is about a panda? There is a dog, a German shepherd! In the movie, the dog's name is Ali, and his role is flawlessly played by Ingu - a dog who is considered a real movie star in South Korea. And he deserves it.

Cats and Dogs: Paws Unite!, USA

And this is again the continuation of a story known to everyone. Ten years have passed since the first appearance of these charming heroes on the movie screens, namely since the Great Truce (you know what we mean), and dogs and cats live peacefully together, "work" as secret agents. And everything would be fine if... not one malevolent parrot. But of course, Roger the dog and Gwen the cat will manage to maintain the delicate balance in this world. Despite the fact that the film is considered comedic, it raises very important topics. For example, the topic of gadgets and the notorious artificial intelligence, which was probably thought about by each of us in 2020.

Dolittle, USA

"This is our doctor Aibolit!" - You will say after watching this movie. Well, yes, did you know? Korney Chukovsky really "borrowed" his famous hero from the English writer Hugh Lofting, whose book is called "The Story of Doctor Dolittle, Being the History of His Peculiar Life at Home and Astonishing Adventures in Foreign Parts". Just like the "good doctor Aibolit", who "sits under a tree, and both a cow and a wolf rush to him for treatment," Doctor Dolittle treats various animals. And what a variety of animals live at his home (and a dog as well) - is it any wonder that the doctor understands the language of animals? Bonus: handsome Robert Downey Jr. starring.

Think Like a Dog, USA

An unusual glance at familiar things - this is how you can outline the main idea of this movie. Indeed, a very unusual thought: who must you be in order to understand what dogs think? A hacker, I guess? Oliver, the young hero of the movie, is a hacker, and also a boy genius who is keen on scientific experiments. The boy immersed himself so much In one of such experiments that... he established a telepathic connection with his dog named Henry. Now he knows what the dogs think. So what is this? Well, for example, like that: “Look, what a wonderful planet. And billions of very smart people live thereon. They came up with a lot of very useful things: satellites, pizza, scissors and toilets in the house. But they do not know the secret know to every dog: how to be happy. We can teach them"...

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