General regulations

International Ranking System TopDog unites members from all over the world.

Members of rating are:

  • pets-participants of a show conducted as a part of Rating System
  • pets-participants’ owners
  • clubs where the pets-participants are registered
  • kennels where the pets-participants are registered
One can get rating points for each title awarded by a participant of a show held within the Rating.

The shows are currently being conducted within the Rating in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Participants’ points are being collected in the course of current year.

In the beginning of the next year there is summation of TopDog Ranking, when the best dogs, the best breeders, the best kennels and the best clubs are determined basing on results from the past year.

Public summary and awarding the winners take place at the annual final show of the TopDog Ranking System conducting both in Russia and abroad.

How to become a member?

International Ranking System TopDog is open. It means, that any breeder, any dog, any kennel, any club can become a member.
All pets-participants of shows conducted within the Rating System become members of the TopDog Rating. At the same time, the kennels and the clubs, where the pets are registered will be also put in the Rating base and take part in summation.

So, in order to become a member of the TopDog Rating you should register on top-dog.pro or take part in a show held within the Rating.

Please note
Name of a dog should be the same, both in applications and in pedigree. This way the points will be given to the right dog.

How does it work?

TopDog Rating keeps track on all significant shows in Russia and abroad. There are therefore representatives of TopDog administration; otherwise show organizers send the results from the passed shows to administration.
Besides, the site of TopDog Rating provides show organizers with access to the system of show management that is automating the process of application registering, creating catalogue and accompanying documents.

The results of shows conducted within this internet-resource are automatically added to the TopDog Rating.

Scoring rules

Find out more information about holding of shows using TopDog platform.